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Water taxi to Yelapa from Puerto Vallarta


Yelapa is a charming little fishing village located in a quiet bay about 45 minutes by water taxi south of Puerto Vallarta, offering an array of things to do in Yelapa. Here, you can admire a beautiful waterfall, rivers, and beach for an unforgettable vacation experience.

Discover a range of Yelapa accommodations, including all-inclusive hotels, cozy cabins, and rental houses, as well as a variety of places to eat with different menus featuring fresh fish and seafood of the day. Explore the city’s culinary scene further with a selection of excellent restaurants to choose from.

Approximately in the year 1700, the town was founded by: Bernabé Lorenzo, José Lorenzo, Tranquilino Cruz and Demetrio Lorenzo who gave it the name «Yelapa», whose meaning is not really known.

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Yelapa water taxi schedule and prices

Discover the most convenient route to Yelapa with our Water Taxi service departing from the Puerto Vallarta Public Dock at Playa los Muertos, Olas Altas area. Check our schedule for Water Taxi departures to Yelapa.



*Reservations for the Water Taxi must be made at least 24 hours in advance.


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Frequent Questions

A water taxi is a vessel used to transport passengers by water. The Water Taxi Rental service offers users the possibility of renting a boat to transport them to their desired destination.

There are many advantages to using a water taxi over a land taxi or public transportation. You can avoid the traffic and congestion of the city. You enjoy new and breathtaking views of the landscape and sea from out on the water. In addition, the Water Taxi Rental service offers a personalized and comfortable experience for our guests.

Select in our form the number of passengers you need to book your water taxi trip and easily pay for your Booking Deposit (must be paid via PayPal, Credit Card or Wire Transfer).

Traveling in a water taxi is safe for everyone as long as the instructions and precautions given by the Water Taxi personnel are followed. Our service has safe boats and experienced skippers who know the routes and water conditions well. Passengers must always wear life jackets and follow the safety regulations.

Tours to yelapa all inclusive

If the tours with scheduled activities are yours know what these 2 tours include for you and your family or friends.

Luxury Yacht Rental from Puerto Vallarta to Yelapa

Enjoy all the comforts of a private boat in Yelapa and discover its beautiful surroundings


The 48-foot Beneteau yacht has a maximum capacity of 10 passengers and has a 600 HP engine. In addition to having air conditioning, a beautiful main cabin, a fully equipped suite, a full bathroom, reclining sofas, a wooden dining room, a kitchen, a sound system with a smartphone connection, a platform for swimming and a wide bow for sunbathing.


We present you the 42-foot Moody sailboat, an elegant and sophisticated boat that will give you an incomparable nautical experience. With a maximum capacity of 14 passengers, the Moody sailboat is ideal for special celebrations, family reunions, corporate events or simply enjoying a relaxing day at sea with friends.


We present the private boat «KATE», a magnificent 26-foot boat designed to offer you a unique and unforgettable experience at sea. With a maximum capacity of 4 passengers, KATE is perfect for romantic getaways, intimate family gatherings, or adventures with close friends.

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